Offering PrintShop Mail and changes the very nature of what you offer to your customers. Instead of selling a printer, you are selling a way for your customers to manage their promotional communications efficiently. Offer your customers more, close more sales and build stronger relationships with your customers by helping them do more with the technologies they turn to you to provide.

The PrintShop Mail technology is designed to cut down on production time with short set-up time and speedy print stream creation. Print high-volume mail merge fast with output optimization.

VDP typically brings:

  • 34% Average Response Rate Increase
  • 25% Order Value Increase
  • 48% Repeat Orders / Retention Increase
  • 35% Response Time Decrease
  • 32% Revenue Increase

When direct mail is personalized with variable data printing that rate increases two to 15 times.

Objectif Lune values its resellers and recognizes the need for developing a trusted, trained, and enthusiastic sales force. Our business relationships with our resellers goes far beyond the closing of a sale, as we support the customers you bring us and help you develop an ongoing relationship with them.